Frequently Asked Questions !!

Our billing ranges by the nature of the service we are required to do.
Thus, we can have hourly, contingency, and flat fee agreements.

Depending on the nature of the case there could be one or more
practitioners. However, as a firm we put our shoulders to the wheel for
our retainers inorder to ensure a great and positive outcome. In the
process, if just one practitioner is required to do a small task that is what
would happen. If it would mean having more than one practitioner
working on your case we would also do so. It should be mentioned
notwithstanding that the high-level of confidentiality which you require
would not be compromised.

We would be grateful if we could have any background information on
what would shape our minds as a firm on what you want us to do for
you. That may include for example, if you are a company, we should
have your certificate of incorporation, the names of the shareholders,
any digital information (website), amongst other needful information. If
you are just a person, we would also require from you an Identity card
or something of the sort and any other helpful information.

The process would entail explaining to us your situation and giving us
your instructions. There after we shall start our work. The service we
shall render will depend on the instruction we get from you. Our first port
of call is to ensure an amicable resolution of your case. Where this
proves futile we would engage the other party and proceed to court for a
determination of the matter.

You would not necessarily have to go to court. After consulting with us,
we would take instructions from you and that instruction being
reconciled with our professional advice will inform us on whether we
should go to court or not.

We pride ourselves in providing premier services. As professionals, our
expertise is wide ranging and we give our all to secure the desired
result. We also always maintain confidentiality.

We want to ensure that our retainers are well informed on their legal
rights and, or responsibilities. Hence, we offer free consultations to our
retainers and potential retainers.

It is preferred that you come to our office to meet with us. This helps
better in our interaction with client/ retainer’s concern, inter alia.
Alternately, you could also engage us electronically if circumstances
prove to be beyond your control.

Still Have Questions ?

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The length of the process is normally largely dependent on the nature of
the case or the demands/ instructions of our client. All things being
equal, it should be noted that we have a good turn in time for
instructions the instructions we receive.

We work for a closed group of retainers. Reason is, we want to provide
them the best service there is to be provided by any law firm within the
legal industry with absolute focus and excellence.

We note that the schedule of our retainership are different and yet we
want them stayed informed on what we do for them. We will keep you
informed on all important updates, so that you are up to speed, but not
overwhelmed. We are here to support you and take some stress away by
keeping track of all the detailed proceedings in your case.

We expect our retainers to be forthright and compliant with us in terms
of whatever we may need to enhance our professional engagement.

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Freetown, Sierra Leone 
Email: info@ojplegal.com

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Telephone: +232-78-433326/ +232-72-222211

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